Welcome to Poets Walk Park in Red Hook, NY!

Poet’s Walk celebrates the connection between landscape and poetry. The park’s mown and gravel paths provide access to the 120 acres of fields and forest.

pwp_mapThe Park’s design reflects 19th century picturesque style of American landscape design. The extraordinary vistas, sunlit fields and thick forest were the focus of landscape architect Hans Jacob Ehlers vision for the property in 1849. Using walls of foliage and breaks in the rise of a fields or a stone wall, he created several “outdoor rooms”, each evoking a different atmosphere. As you walk the Park, you will see the maturity of his design which has endured through the efforts of previous landowners. Today, the visual integrity of the Park and its setting is protected by The Scenic Hudson Land Trust’s conservation easements on the surrounding 800 acres.

You are invited to enjoy the sweeping vistas from the Park’s paths of fields and ravines that speak to you and the poet in you. Take a moment to sit on a bench, read a poem, or better still, scribe a line or two of your own on a blank page.

The distance from the Information Arbor to the Overlook Pavilion is about 1/2 mile and at a leisurely pace takes the average walker about 15 minutes. The return trip is slightly uphill and a bit longer.

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